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Dear Harris,

          We want to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for making our ceremony special and memorable.  You were incredible.  You really were.  We canít tell you how many people have asked for your phone number!  We refused to give it of course (just kidding!).  The best compliment was from a co-worker: he said he never actually listened to a ceremony before, but he listened closely to ours.  We are forever indebted to you for your kindness.
     Phil and Heather

Dr. Harris Cohen!

          Thank you so much for such a fantastic ceremony.  Our guests still marvel at how it was touching and humorous!  I donít know how many people cried, but I hear that there were many tears and I certainly heard the laugher!  It was perfect!
                                                    Thank You, 
  Geselle and Dave


          First, Jeff and I want to thank you for agreeing to marry us.  Everyone thought you were great!  The ceremony was beautiful and perfect.  We also want to thank you both for coming and sharing our day with us.  Hope you both had a great time and we look forward to seeing you both soon!                                   
                                              Heather and Jeffrey

Dear Harris Cohen,

          Thank you so much for performing the perfect ceremony at our wedding.  We appreciate how you worked with us to capture the wedding of our dreams.  Your words were precious yet they still incorporated some humor, which we loved!  Thank you again!
                                                                 Heather and Colin

Dear Dr. Cohen,

          We cannot thank you enough for performing our ceremony.  It was so tasteful and classy, yet so lively and entertaining that our guests were talking about it for weeks after!  You gave us a wonderful start to our new life together and memories that will be treasured forever!  Thank you again and weíll call you when the family has expanded!

                                                                             Tami and James

To Harris,

Thank you so much for performing our ceremony.  It was a beautiful service.
                                                          Donny and Tracy


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